Ultrasonic Water meter

Ultrasonic Water meter

What is a water meter and how does it work?

The SmartDHOME ultrasonic water meter, having no moving parts, is less subject to wear and ensures greater accuracy and stability for the entire duration of the measurement and the life of the product. What we offer you is a Water meter designed to detect the volume of water consumed by each individual user that uses ultrasound technology for precise and reliable measurement.

Compatibility with rules and regulations

  • Complies with the European Directive UNI EN 14154 relating to water meters and certification procedures
  • Compliant with the European Directive UNI EN ISO 4064 relating to the metrological and technical requirements for drinking water meters
  • Complies with OIML R49


Technical specifications:

  • Communication: Modbus and pulses
  • Pressure loss: P <63kPa
  • Maximum operating pressure: 1.6 Mpa
  • Pressure level: PN16
  • Metrological class: 2
  • Battery: 3.6 VDC, lithium battery
  • Operating temperature: 0.1 - 30 ° C / 0.1 - 50 ° C / 0.1 - 70 ° C
  • Degree of protection: IP65 / IP68
  • Data storage up to 24 months: Historical data, including accumulated flow, flow correction coefficient, accumulated flow volume, etc.


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