Ultrasonic Heat/Cool meter

Ultrasonic Heat/Cool meter

What is it and how does an ultrasonic Heat / Cool meter work?

Designed to detect the thermal energy consumption of each individual user, the SmartDHOME ultrasonic Heat / Cool meter is the most versatile solution for heat / cooling meters. The compact and sturdy structure makes them perfect for any mounting, both horizontal and vertical.

Having a thermal energy meter is the ideal solution for equipping direct metering systems inside condominiums where the distribution of heating is so-called "horizontal".

This type of accounting, where possible, represents the most accurate and reliable way to measure the share pertaining to each condominium.


Compatibility with rules and regulations

  • Compliant with the European Directive UNI EN 13757 relating to communication systems for meters
  • Compliant with standard EN 1434


Technical specifications:

  • Communication: Modbus and pulses
  • Pressure loss: P <25kPa at qp
  • Maximum operating pressure: 1.6 Mpa
  • Temperature sensor: Pair of PT1000 platinum resistors
  • Accumulation: 0.1kWh ~ 9999999.9 kWh
  • Metrological class: 2 Battery: 3.6 VDC, lithium battery, life 11 years
  • Operating temperature: 4 ° C - 95 ° C, 3K - 65K
  • Degree of protection: IP65 Data storage up to 24 months: Historical data, including accumulated heat energy, volume, total heat energy, hours of operation, etc.


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