7 kW Charging Wall Box with Modbus

7 kW Charging Wall Box with Modbus

Fast and safe charging for your electric vehicle

The WBSH1-7 and WBSH2-7 charging wall boxes are the perfect solution for charging your electric vehicle quickly and safely. For correct operation it is sufficient to connect the type 2 connector and, thanks to the 5 meter cable, recharge the vehicle at a power of 7 kW. The SmartDHOME charging stations are part of the MyVirtuoso Home product range, thanks to which they can be monitored and managed conveniently from the application and automated based on the production of the photovoltaic system.



  • Code WBSH1-7: 01040-1000-00
  • Code WBSH2-7: 01040-1500-00
  • Communication interface: Ethernet, Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz), Modbus
  • Input voltage: 1 phase AC, 230V ± 10%
  • Power supply: 110-230 Vac, 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum current: 40 A
  • Connector: Type B
  • Dimension: 309mm x 215mm x 114mm


Purchase version WBSH1-7

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What is MyVirtuoso Home?

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What can you do with MyVirtuoso Home?

Every home, every family, every person is different from the others: the wireless smart home system MyVirtuoso Home, flexible and customizable, it adapts to your specific needs, giving you the perfect configuration for you. Installation is simple, intuitive and above all non-invasive.

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What can you do with MyVirtuoso Home?

Riscaldamento smart

Monitora i consumi energetici

Controllo delle luci da smartphone

Temperature control

We can make your system smart thanks to a complete range of temperature detectors, digital thermostatic heads and actuators for boilers and fan coils.

Energy monitoring

With our meters you can check the consumption of your home in real time. Furthermore, if you own a photovoltaic or wind plant, you can monitor its production and the energy balance of the entire home.

Lights and sockets

You will be able to access all your devices remotely, controlling the consumption of your appliances and changing the color and intensity of the lights in your home.

Controllo automazione degli impianti

Controllo dispositivi di sicurezza e telecamere

Controllo della casa da App

Home automation

With MyVirtuoso Home, your home will take care of you, ensuring maximum comfort based on your habits and times.

Security and alarms

Protect what you love from both internal and external risks: MyVirtuoso Home offers a huge choice of cameras, security sensors and smart locks.


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