Category: MANUALS

The in-line dimmer provides information about the energy consumption of the equipment connected to it, also allowing you to switch them off or moderate their power consumption with a simple touch on the smartphone.

Increase the comfort of your home thanks to the 230Vac motor actuator! With a simple touch on the MyVirtuoso Home ES App it will be possible to open or close awnings, blinds, shutters and all those utilities equipped with an electric motor.

The device that allows you to automate all devices that require a phase inversion such as, for example, awnings, shutters and roller shutters.

Inserted on a power line, the built-in actuator and meter constantly dies the energy consumption, providing data and graphics to the MyVirtuoso Home ES App. If you fear you are wasting too much energy, you can "disconnect" the power with a simple touch, managing the electricity in the best possible way.

This actuator allows you to control (activate / deactivate) the users to which it has been connected and to send an immediate report of energy consumption to the MyVirtuoso Home gateway to which it has been associated. Activating or deactivating the utilities according to real needs saves energy.

Do you have a multi-story house and are you afraid of losing the signal? No problem! The Z-Wave signal repeater allows you to extend the communication distance between the MyVirtuoso Home gateway and the devices connected to it!

The Sensor detects the opening / closing of a door and / or a window. It allows you to manage notifications from the MyVirtuoso Home App and implement a home automation rule that leads to the implementation of other devices.

The door / window sensor with auxiliary contact is one of the basic devices for home security management: when the relevant door or window is opened, the sensor will immediately send a notification to the MyVirtuoso Home ES App, allowing prompt intervention in the event of an intrusion.

RGB Lamp has over 16,000,000 colors and is designed to permit client to switch device ON/OFF from APP. Turning ON or OFF devices according to the needs allows to save energy. For indoor use only.

The Dimmer Socket provides information about the energy consumption of the light sources connected to it, it also allows you to vary the light intensity.